Credit: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Photo: A Poop Eating Grin
Okay, okay, so we don't have anymore scoop on the second half of Season 7 yet (other than when it will be back and what will happen with Teddy), but we did manage to find out what Ellen Pompeo will be doing on her upcoming December 14th Sesame Street appearance. She'll be brushing her teeth with Elmo when she stops by Sesame Street to present the word "healthy." We're sure Pompeo, a self-professed coconut water-chugging gym rat, has lots to say on how to stay healthy.

Are you listening, Stella Luna? Mommy and Elmo are trying to teach important life lessons. (Whoa. How much street cred does that earn Mommy?)

We're still hoping for a Mommy Meredith to grace Grey's with her presence. But for now, this MerDer baby will have to do.

Source: Examiner