Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images Photo: Kevin McKidd's Big Smile

Kevin McKidd dished that the cast of Grey's Anatomy had quite a few challenges with the musical episode (the least of which, thankfully, was the singing). But did the cast really learn choreography for the ep? Because that leads us to believe that the entire cast is lying when they keep insisting it's no Glee song-and-dance musical. Relax, fans, and allow McKidd's fine Scottish brogue to allay your fears.

He says the episode is a "very experimental" Grey's Anatomy, he admits, "It’s going to be really hard work because we all have to learn the medical, all the jargons, and be able to sing. With the music we have to choreograph it like we’re doing a musical number even though there is no dancing. I think it will be [great]."

Alright, Kevin, we're trusting you. Don't betray us with those baby blues...

Source: Popstop TV


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