If you, too, have grown weary of Cristina's robotic, traumatized spiel, we, unfortunately, don't have any good news for you. Yeah, we're not too happy about it, either. But, apparently, things are about to get exciting for her and Owen. Says Kevin McKidd, “They are building toward a big Christina and Owen story in the second half of the season, which will be a different story, but they are still figuring that out. But things never run smooth for Christina and Owen, let's put it that way.” Well, at this point, we'll take anything that'll shake up drone-Yang — slutting it up with bar patrons included.

Also, McKidd dishes that all that trauma training he's been putting the residents through will finally be put to use in episode 11. It's a “very intense and quite dark, but very uplifting episode,” he teases. We haven't seen great trauma drama in awhile, but we're totally stoked for some classic Grey's chaos. Tissues are on hand.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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