Kevin McKidd has been flapping his trap during his press junket surrounding this week's episode of Grey's Anatomy, which he directed, but we finally confirmed why exactly Owen and Cristina's seemingly solid relationship is headed towards rough waters.

"They rushed into their marriage at the start of the season, and the conversations they never quite had on fundamental things about life, not just children, are going to start to creep back in. There are going to be some bumps for them," McKidd teased.

We surmised (and he hinted) that baby problems were the source of the dilemma, but now we know all the juicy deets. It turns out Owen is just as baby crazy as MerDer, and itching to start up a family of his own. Big shock here: Cristina's not on the baby train. She's just jumped back into surgery with that familiar gusto of hers we've come to know and love, and how's she supposed to hustle for surgeries if she's busy taking ten pregnancy tests a day. Plus, a pregnant Mer and a pregnant Cristina may be more whackadoo hormones than Seattle Grace can handle at once.

Will Owen be able to hold out till Cristina's ready for a family? Stay tuned to Grey's Anatomy to find out.

Source: TV Guide

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