Credit: Danny Feld/ABC Television Group © 2010 Disney Photo: Grey's Anatomy Preview Pics: Season 7, Episode 12

Do you ever watch one of the docs on Grey's Anatomy sneak into the on-call room for a quickie and say to yourself, "Remember when he was hooking up with that other doc?" Yeah, we do that just about every week. There must be something in the water at Seattle Grace because these docs trade sex partners like we used to trade pogs. We know it's a primetime ABC drama with steamy residents running around untamed, but sometimes judging by the partner-swapping, we think we've stumbled upon a rerun of Dawson's Creek.

We've broken down the interweb of hookups into a chart so you can keep track of just how many of the docs have swapped spit with more than one of their co-workers. If Dr. Bailey caught wind of this, she'd send everyone down to the clinic for a mandatory STD test...

Credit: Photo montage by Alissa Kombert for Wetpaint Photo: The Grey's Anatomy Hookup Chart

Editor's note: If you're wondering why Teddy and Owen are linked, it's not because they hooked up or even made out (because sigh, they never got to...) but we think their unrequited love deserves a spot on our chart. Timing is everything, romantics.