When you’re a celebrity, you get used to seeing your face everywhere posters, billboards... and even a cardboard version of yourself that can look you in the eye? One Grey’s Anatomy star knows what this is like: Jason Winston George, who plays Bailey’s new husband, Dr. Ben Warren.

Credit: Twitter

Last week, Jason tweeted a couple of pictures of himself posing with his life-size cardboard cut-out with the caption, “One of these guys is really flat... and the other’s just a picture.” Later he added, “For all of you who thought I was joking about having a lifesize cutout of myself... Use it as a scarecrow in yard.”

How funny is that? And OK, let’s admit it: we would all love to have a life-size cardboard cut-out of ourselves. Think of all the fun selfies we could take!

Which other Grey’s Anatomy stars would you love to see kidding around with their cardboard doubles?

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