Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Cristina Yang, April Kepner, and Lexie Grey on Grey's Anatomy May 19, 2011

The Grey's Anatomy Season 6 finale was unquestionably one of the most harrowing and memorable episodes in Grey's history. It took us weeks to recover from the shock of the shootings, and we don't like to talk about how we felt when we thought McDreamy might die (let's just say we still tear up about it sometimes...).

That said, we applaud Shonda for going lower-key this season. She said she wanted an emotional shootout instead of a physical one for the Season 7 finale, and man, did she deliver. It didn't take bullets for the drama to be explosive, and it reminded us that the characters and their relationships are what makes Grey's so good.

So which did you like better: The life-or-death intensity of Season 6's finale, or the emotional fallout of Season 7's?