Credit: Doug Meszler/Splash New Photo: T.R. Knight's Creepy Villain Stare

George's death was one of the most heartbreaking Grey's Anatomy departures ever, and we've come to really miss the actor who played him, T.R. Knight. Fortunately, T.R. is returning to TV tonight to play an accused rapist on Law & Order: SVU.

In an interview with TV Guide about the Law & Order: SVU role, T.R. said it would be "wonderful" to return to TV as a series regular somewhere, but for now he's happy to focus on working in theater, which has "been in [his] life longer than television has." That means that if you want to see T.R. on the small screen again, you kind of have to watch him on Law & Order: SVU, because there's no guarantee he'll be back any time soon.

So, will you tune in?


Source: TV Guide


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