Grey's Anatomy

Derek Shepherd

For a charming, intelligent, uber-successful surgeon with a dreamy face and a lustrous head of hair, Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd has sure had a turbulent love life! After discovering his best friend, Mark Sloan, in bed with his wife, Addison Montgomery, the Columbia alum jetted from New York to Seattle Grace to the tune of a $2 million salary offer. Once there, he hooked up with Meredith Grey (before she was even an intern), tried to work things out with Addison, fell for scrub nurse Rose, and ultimately returned to Mer — after countless fits and starts. Derek proposed to his one-and-only in an elevator filled with CT scans, and then they exchanged vows on Post-Its. (Okay, okay, they aren't officially married.) As Dr. Shepherd, Derek briefly lost his job (for insubordination) after angering Chief of Surgery Richard Webber. Derek then outed the Chief's alcoholism to the board, landing Richard in rehab and earning himself a bump up to interim Chief of Surgery. Well played, Der! Still, all surgeons are bound to have at least one bad day: At the end of Season 6, an angry gunman shot Derek, and Meredith miscarried their baby. Now she having a hard time conceiving again because she has a hostile uterus, but at least the dreamy couple gets to work together on Derek's new, and potentially groundbreaking, Alzheimer's trial.

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