Grey's Anatomy

Lexie Grey

It's true that Lexie Grey has an unfair competitive advantage: unlike her half-sister Meredith, Lexie has a flawless photographic memory, which has earned her the nickname "Lexipedia." It was a boon at Harvard, and it continues to be an advantage at Seattle Grace, where she's a surgical intern. Just like Meredith doesn't have Lexie's database of a brain, Lexie doesn't share her sis's dark and twisty temperament. Although, Lexie manages to maintain an eerily sunny disposition, her life is more gray than gay: her relationship with her and Meredith's alcoholic father, Thatcher Grey, remains strained, and her love life has been equally unforgiving. After entering a friends-with-benefits relationship with Alex Karev, Lexie enjoyed a chaotic stop and start romance with Mark Sloan. However, when it finally looked like Mark and Lexie were getting their relationship together, Mark's unexpected pregnancy with Callie sent Lexie running — right into Jackson Avery's arms.

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