Grey’s Anatomy’s 3 Worst Episodes of Season 9
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy’s 3 Worst Episodes of Season 9

Grey’s Anatomy had a mixed Season 9, filled with dramatic, action-packed episodes and the slow burn of the “save the hospital” plot. While the finale rocked us to our core and there were a handful of episodes that left us sobbing (with happy and sad tears), there were a few that left much to be desired.

However, we’re excited for Season 10 and are ready to marathon this season after the DVD hits shelves on August 27. Since we’ve already rounded up our favorite episodes, we’re going to get critical and save you from watching the three worst episodes of the season. If it featured big intern storylines, unnecessary drama about dolla dolla bills, or general boring plot lines, it’s probably on here.

Check out our three least favorites below, and then hit the comments with your own!

Season 9, Episode 8: "Love Turns You Upside Down"

Let’s be real, Grey’s fans: do we really care about the interns? This episode chronicled their first 24-hour shift, which felt more like a year of their ridiculous drama. Maybe it’s because we were spoiled with incredible original interns (aka Meredith & Co.), but these docs don’t have it together and fight all the time for the wrong reasons. Though we wanted Derek’s hand to be saved, Heather was awkward about calling his sisters (plus, she found out Mer was pregnant); Alex and Jo were at the start of their will-they-won’t-they, except then it was about literal bullshit (a gross case); Cristina’s interns fought to win her affection, which only annoyed her (and us) and almost killed the patient; and last, but certainly not least, Shane learns bedside manner. It was just a little too mundane and didn’t get us excited about the interns — or the season ahead.

Season 9, Episode 13: “Bad Blood”

Oh, the Big Brother episode. Dr. Cahill installed cameras to monitor everything (and everyone) in the hospital, yet it didn’t end up being that riveting. We spent half the episode stuck learning new hernia techniques instead of in the actual OR, and when we actually saw patients, the cases were all about kids. Now, don’t get us wrong — kids are great, but one was a whiny gymnast who won’t listen to reason and stays in bed, and the other was sadly a Jehovah’s Witness whose only hope of being saved was intern Leah trying to swap out his saline bag for blood. And the end of the episode is equally as disheartening, as the docs discover that the only solution for their financial woes is a buyout. This leads to the rest of the season’s boring “save the hospital” plot, which went on for far too long.

Season 9, Episode 17: “Transplant Wasteland”

There was a lot of people butting heads this season, but this episode was the high point of arguing. After Jackson’s mom, Catherine, buys him the hospital and he’s running the show, things don’t work out so well. He tries to keep things in order, but it ends up being worse than Pegasus’ takeover; Owen randomly quits; and even the patients are fighting. We saw Richard and Catherine get into a tiff over Jackson and Meredith and Jo literally run in circles after they get on a plane to pick up a kidney and then are sent back. Oy. Ultimately, Jackson was able to find his ground and renames the hospital to Grey Sloan Memorial, but it was too shaky of an episode to make the ending feel satisfying.

Do you agree with our picks, or did you love these episodes? Tell us below!

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