Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Power Rankings Episode 7.3

Who’s rockin’ it in the OR and who needs some verbal butt-kicking from April Kepner? Find out in our latest Power Rankings:

Flatliner of the Week: Dr. Lexie Grey
The bad: You snooze, you lose, Lexie. Betcha wish you were a little more receptive to Mark’s adulation now. Also, check out your lack of tact when the Tree Man showed himself.
The good: (Someone cue the cricket sound effect.)

Mediocre MD: Dr. Cristina Yang
The bad: Another week, another clam-up in surgery. (And did we hear her say that she’s not adverse to becoming a plumber?)
The good: She did, however, process some of her psychological trauma with a mock surgery instigated by none other than this week’s Top Doc...

Top Doc: Dr. Derek Shepherd
The good: Not only did he help out Cristina (giving her a wicked tough-love pep talk in the process), but he also didn’t let Amelia ride roughshod over him. He stood up to her and raised a lot of old issues, which they could then start working through.
The bad: Maybe he could have seen the red flags before Cristina’s meltdown... Nah, we’ll let that one slide.


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12.19.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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