Did the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere Reveal Jorah’s Greyscale Cure?
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Did the ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere Reveal Jorah’s Greyscale Cure?


Samwell Tarly was stunned to read about a treasure trove of dragonglass in last night’s Game of Thrones Season 7 premiere.

But fans watching at home realized Sam may have stumbled upon another important discovery: the cure to greyscale.

As we know, greyscale is a highly contagious and often fatal disease in which those afflicted will develop cracked and rock-solid skin. A lot of these people, nicknamed Stone Men, have been exiled to remote locations in Essos.

Shireen Baratheon had greyscale, memorably; and Jorah Mormont caught it after a run-in with the Stone Men in Old Valyria back in Season 5.

Anyway, in his quest to become a maester, Samwell has been poring over tomes at the Citadel. And he was shocked to read that Dragonstone, Dany’s new home, has massive supplies of dragonglass.

Dragonglass, a.k.a. obsidian, can stop White Walkers in their tracks — Sam saw that firsthand in Season 3.

But Redditor Beastmodekait was more intrigued by the text on the opposite page as the Dragonstone map.

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The page isn’t fully visible, but we can see text about dragonglass being used as a cure for illness and disease.

The author of the text seems skeptical of its uses — apparently, “little harm comes from the ingestion” but we should “not discount the harm to the gullible” — and believes either time or money is “better spent on practical treatments.”

Dragonglass has other benefits, too.

Benjen Stark, for example, told Bran Stark and Meera Reed that the Children of the Forest stopped him from becoming a wight after his death by stabbing him with dragonglass.

(That’s peculiar, since the Children of the Forest also created the Night King, a.k.a. the first White Walker, by plunging a dragonglass dagger into his heart.)

With this intel in mind, do you think it’s any coincidence that Sam actually met Jorah in the Season 7 premiere?

Sam was tending to residents and/or prisoners at Oldtown, home of the Citadel, when one greyscaled arm almost grabbed him through the window in a cell door.

“Has she come yet?” said a voice from the other side of the door, almost certainly belonging to Jorah. “The dragon queen, Daenerys Stormborn,”

“Haven’t heard anything,” Sam responded.

So it seems Jorah has traveled to Old Town in his search for the cure — a wise choice, considering all the knowledge contained within the walls of the Citadel — but we doubt he was locked away in a tiny cell voluntarily.

Still, his brush with Sam could be the key to his recovery, if dragonglass really does cure greyscale and if Sam realizes that application for this obsidian.

Stay tuned!

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