Credit: Getty Images Photo: It's Amanda Bynes!

Amanda Bynes is back in school, but before she hit the books, she hit the slopes — all in an effort to get her mind and body in the right place before she locked into study gear.

According to People, Amanda took part in the Miracles Utah Fitness Retreat on January 4, a week long program all about getting fit and eating right. During her week of six-hour days dedicated to bettering her body and mind, Amanda and 15 others participated in cardio and other exercises, healthy meals, and tons of informational lectures on staying fit — all for the low, low price of $3,250. Chump change, right?

And although the pre-rehab Amanda might have scoffed at the idea, she’s a changed woman: owner Austan Torson was full of nothing but praise for the What A Girl Wants actress.

“She wanted to focus on her health and getting her body back in shape,” Austan said. “Her main goal was to lose 5 pounds, and she did.”

As an added bonus, it sounds like the other participants got a taste of the old Amanda we know and love, too. “She brought a lot of life to the program,” Austan added. “She was really funny, fired up and open to anything … She led the pack. She was right in the front.”

After the program, Amanda headed back to school for her first day at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising on January 14, where she’s enrolled as a part-time student studying merchandise product development.

We’re so excited to see that Amanda is working to put her life back together in a healthy and positive way. Cheers to a smooth recovery!

Source: People