Which of TV's Blond Bombshells Once Rocked a Mad Mullet? (VIDEO)

Credit: Wetpaint

Hollywood celebs aren't just born glamorous. Just check out the school photo in the video here, a throwback pic of a now-famous TV star, in which she's decades younger and sporting a mullet.

That's right, she had the "business in front, party in back" mentality once upon a time, though we daresay she'd never cut her bright blond hair the same way now!

Need more help? Before Mila Kunis came along, this screen star was the object of Ashton Kutcher's affections. And she and Ash are the same age — that'd be 36 — though she has a month on him.

Furthermore, she dated Jason Sudeikis — before he started a relationship with Olivia Wilde!

Also, this South Dakota native's first name is a pretty common word — especially in datebooks, agenda planners, and the like — but it's uncommon for a name! Her parents named her after a character in the novel Once Is Not Enough.

Though she's known mainly for her icier roles, she's had hot-blooded and raunchy parts in movies like American Wedding and Love Actually.

Can you guess her identity? If it's still an Unknown by this point, watch the video — and tell us if we stumped you in the comments below!

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