Which Multi-Talented Performer Just Endured a High-Profile Breakup?

Credit: Wetpaint Entertainment

Think you can guess the multi-talented performer above?

While some of you are probably more familiar with this guy's debut role on a teen soap opera back in the early 2000s, the majority of you probably know him best as one of today's top-selling recording artists.

This guy is no stranger to getting in touch with his feelings on his records, especially when it comes to the ladies, even though he’s been linked to quite a few since his 2007 debut. He’s one of the biggest acts signed by a New Orleans breakout rapper, and when we first met him, he starred and worked with Virginia singer (who also dabbles in rap), Trey Songz.

Even though his rapping gig has been pretty lucrative, this artist hasn’t given up his craft of acting. As a matter of fact, he slayed audiences with his comedic return to television as a guest on Saturday Night Live where he impersonated Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez and comedian Kat Williams.

Still don’t have a clue who we’re talking about? He’s also been in two pretty epic feuds with singer Chris Brown and rapper Jay Z.

Think you’ve got an idea of who it is now? Check out the video above to see if you got it right and tell us who you thought it was in the comments below!

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