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The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls

The Vampire Diaries’ hometown of Mystic Falls, Va. is a dangerous place, period. You could argue that Elena (Nina Dobrev) has it the roughest considering that she has lost just about everyone she cares about and was once sacrificed in a creepy ritual. Or you could argue that Matt (Zach Roerig) is the worst off, with no family and no supernatural powers whatsoever. But come to think of it, of all the things you don’t want to be in Mystic Falls, a parent is near the top of the list.

We’re not saying the parents are all that great themselves, but they do seem to have a high likelihood of death, do they not? Between absentee mothers, surprise fathers, and the constant threat of death, we find ourselves losing track of the Vampire Diaries parents. (These kids are still teenagers, you guys.) So here’s an update on the parental situation for all of our main characters:

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls
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Elena and Jeremy Gilbert

Grayson and Miranda Gilbert: Elena’s adoptive parents and Jeremy’s (Steven R. McQueen) birth parents died before we ever got to meet them in Season 1. We later saw them in a flashback, but all we know is that they went to pick Elena up from a party and got into a car accident on the way home. Grayson drove off of Wickery Bridge, and Stefan (Paul Wesley) showed up just in time to save Elena and only Elena.

Jenna: Miranda’s younger sister, Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) gained custody of Elena and Jeremy after the car accident. But less than a year later, she would be turned into a vampire and staked in Klaus’s (Joseph Morgan) Season 2 ritual that unlocked his hybrid potential. We still miss her.

Alaric Saltzman: High school history teacher, vampire hunter and boyfriend to Jenna, Alaric (Matt Davis) assumed unofficial custody of the Gilbert children in Season 3… up until he died one too many times with his ring on and went a little crazy. Then, Esther got involved and turned him into an unstoppable hunter. But when Rebekah (Claire Holt) made Matt and Elena drive off Wickery Bridge in the Season 3 finale, Elena ended up drowning (and later came back to “life” as a vampire). Because Esther had linked Alaric’s life to Elena’s, her death meant his death as well.

John Gilbert: Elena’s birth father and Jeremy’s uncle, John sacrificed himself to keep Elena from becoming a vampire in Season 2. Bonnie (Kat Graham) performed a spell so that when Elena died in Klaus’s hybrid ritual, John’s life force would flow through her and bring her back to life. He did it in hopes that she would wake up a human and not a vampire (after Damon [Ian Somerhalder] fed her his blood). The spell worked, and John gave his own life for Elena’s.

Isobel Flemming: Elena’s vampire birth mother got involved with Klaus in Season 2, which is never a good idea. He compelled her to turn on Katherine (Nina Dobrev) and make sure Elena was safe, and then under that same compulsion, Isobel took off her necklace and burned in the sun — right in front of Elena.

Caroline Forbes

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls
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Bill Forbes: Bill Forbes first came to Mystic Falls in Season 3 in hopes of “curing” his daughter of vampirism. When that didn’t work, he left. But later in the season, Tyler (Michael Trevino) asked for his help in breaking his hybrid sire bond, and so Bill returned at a very dangerous time. Crazy Alaric was determined to kill the members of the Founding families, so he stabbed Caroline’s (Candice Accola) father. And after Bill realized he had vampire blood in his system and could choose death or vampirism, he chose death.

Sheriff Forbes: Somehow, Liz is still alive and kickin’.

Tyler Lockwood

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls
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Mayor Lockwood: Tyler’s angry father was killed in Season 1, when the Gilbert device made deputies think he was a vampire. He got his neck snapped by a tomb vampire in the basement of Elena’s father’s old office.

Carol Lockwood: Poor Carol. After drinking her way through many a party, she found herself on the receiving end of Klaus’s rage in the Season 4 mid-season finale. After Tyler unsired the Original’s hybrids, Klaus decided the perfect revenge would be to drown Tyler’s undeserving mother in a fountain.

Matt Donovan

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls

Dad: We’ve never met him. We don’t think Matt has either. Right?

Kelly Donovan: As long as she hasn’t died from alcohol poisoning, Kelly Donovan is still alive somewhere. She’s simply not welcome in Mystic Falls, not after she made out with Tyler at a Founder’s event and made one too many drunken mistakes in front of poor Matty.

Bonnie Bennett

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls
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Rudy Hopkins: Bonnie’s dad made his first appearance in Season 4, when he became the new Mayor of Mystic Falls. But things don’t look good for him in the Comic-Con trailer. Perhaps Silas will be the end of Bonnie’s overprotective father.

Abby Wilson: Bonnie’s absentee mom came into play in Season 3, when she helped Bonnie open the casket that was holding the Original witch. Sadly, Damon was later forced to turn her into a vampire. She showed up again briefly in Season 4 to warn Bonnie about expression, but she didn’t stay long. She never does.

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls

Stefan and Damon Salvatore

Mom: The only thing we know about the Salvatore’s deceased mother is that she had some killer genes, and we thank her for that.

Giuseppe Salvatore: After learning that he and Damon were shot and killed by their own father, Stefan ended up feeding on his father’s blood to complete his transition to a vampire back in 1864.

The Originals

The Vampire Diaries: A Guide to the Parents of Mystic Falls
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Mikael: After hunting his son Klaus for centuries, the vampire who hunted vampires caught up with the hybrid. Using a white oak stake that was meant for him, Klaus killed his father.

Esther: A thousand years ago, Klaus ripped his mother’s heart out of her chest. After being resurrected via magic, Esther died again, this time at the hands of a transitioning Alaric.

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