‘Friends’: James Michael Tyler aka Gunther Somberly Recites Theme Song (VIDEO)
James Michael Tyler, Gunther, Friends
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‘Friends’: James Michael Tyler aka Gunther Somberly Recites Theme Song (VIDEO)


No one told you the Friends theme song could be read this way. Yes, James Michael Tyler, aka Central Perk manager Gunther, has recited “I’ll Be There For You” in a way that might ruin your day, your month, or even your year.


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The 53-year-old actor was on deck in London (with his hair bleached blond again) to launch FriendsFest, an immersive experience in which fans can explore the sets for Central Perk and Monica’s apartment, view props from the production, and even get a “Rachel” at a pop-up hair salon.


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And Digital Spy seized the opportunity to have James read the lyrics of the hit song by The Rembrandts, and he did so in the bleakest way possible. You know how Harry Potter felt like he’d never be happy again when faced with a Dementor? That’s pretty much the effect.

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And speaking of all things depressing, if you still have hopes for a Friends reunion on your TV or film screen, James is here to rain on your parade: “Why revisit something they tidied so perfectly?” he told Heat (via Digital Spy). “It was about people in their 20s trying to find themselves, so to see people in their 40s wouldn't be the same.”

Well, this guy is a barrel of laughs! It’s like he’s always stuck in second gear or something…