Bachelor in Paradise: The Guys’ Necklaces Are Finally Explained!
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Bachelor in Paradise

Bachelor in Paradise: The Guys’ Necklaces Are Finally Explained!

Maybe it’s something in the water, maybe it’s a case of Paradise fever, or maybe the YOPO mentality extends to puka shell jewelry — whatever it is, the men of Bachelor in Paradise are sporting some serious tropical-themed man jewelry down in Tulum. Really, take note next episode — every male cast member is adorned with a necklace, which means we’re biting our nails hoping male viewers don’t follow suit. What the what is going on in the wardrobe department?

According to Reality Steve and one of the man jewelry culprits himself — Robert Graham — the necklaces hide microphones. Whew — we thought we were going to have to stage an intervention!

In response to a reader email about the “weird necklaces the guys were wearing” Steve writes, “I was made aware that the guys’ necklaces are microphones since they’re shirtless so much.”

Ahhhhh, the neck wear totally make sense now — the men are doing us a favor and showing off their abs, so where else are their mics gonna go? Robert confirmed this on Twitter, when Ashley Spivey, from Brad Womack’s second go-round as Bachelor, tweeted “Why are all the men wearing necklaces on this show? Man jewelry is never ok guys.” R.G. tweeted back “trust me we put up a fight! They were microphones.”

So there you have it, the men of Paradise put their reps as fashion mavens on the line to bring us good television. Awwww, thanks guys! And toss those chokers in the ocean before boarding the flight home, mmmkay?

Do you agree with Ashley that man jewelry is “never ok” or do you think the necklaces are fine? Tell us below.

Source: Reality Steve, Ashley on Twitter, Robert on Twitter