Are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Back Together? He Says…
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Are Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin Back Together? He Says…

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin confuse us. We know it’s not really any of our business what their relationship status is, but when you post an article intriguingly called “Conscious Uncoupling” excuse us if we follow every single update we can possible get our hands on. This is unexplored territory and we need to know what to expect if some dude or dudette ever decides to conscious uncouple from us.

To recap for those of you in the audience suffering Paltrow-Martin fatigue: The couple announced their breakup at the end of March after more than a decade of marriage. Reports of the pair, who have two children together, still being lovey-dovey didn’t cease, however, and word is they’re still living together. See why we’re so confused?

Finally, TMZ tracked down Chris to ask what exactly is going on at Casa Coldplay. Unfortunately, his answer doesn’t clarify a darn thing. Leaving a gas station convenience store, Chris politely fields the paparazzi’s questions of if he and Gwyneth are back together by asking one of his own. “Why do you ask that?” the singer asks. “We got to hang out you know.”

But hanging out doesn’t mean all is patched up. Chris quickly clarified “I’m not answering your question” before shutting his car door, leaving us scratching our heads and trying to read between the heart-breaking lines of his band’s latest album.

What do you think? Are Gwyneth and Chris down for the count or will they get back together for real?

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