Has Heather Dubrow Had Any Plastic Surgery Done Lately? She Says… (VIDEO)
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Heather Dubrow

Has Heather Dubrow Had Any Plastic Surgery Done Lately? She Says… (VIDEO)

Watch What Happens Live is always a good source for hilarity, and this week was no exception.

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather “Fancypants” Dubrow was in the hot seat when host Andy Cohen started asking the tough questions (from the fans, of course). “Allison B. wants to know if you’ve had new work done,” Andy asked. “Yours eyes look like you have.”

If this isn’t putting Heather on the spot, we don’t know what is!

“My mom is here tonight, you see my mom, and I think one of the reasons that — she’s gorgeous! No work! One of the reasons Terry [Dubrow] married me was he knew I was gonna age well,” Heather responded. laughing. She then made a ton of silly faces and continued, “I can still move everything. When you stop seeing me wear ponytails, you’ll know something has gone on.”

We’re glad Heather’s such a good sport! To be fair, if anyone was going to have a subtle touch-up, it would probably be her, if only for the reason that her husband Terry is a plastic surgeon — and he’s supposedly one of the best (at least according to his new show, Botched). We don’t think Heather’s had anything done, but that’s the thing about good plastic surgery — you shouldn’t be able to tell.

Do you think Heather’s had any work done? Should she? Let us know what you think in the comments!