Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode: 10 Things We Learn From the Sneak Peeks
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode: 10 Things We Learn From the Sneak Peeks

Ready to get your scream on, Pretty Little Liars fans? The Season 4 Halloween episode is barely a week away (it airs on Tuesday, October 22, 2013), and the wait is starting to get unbearable. Fortunately, sneak peeks of the episode have been rolling in, and, as always, they give us a good taste of what we can expect when we return to Ravenswood and try to hunt down Ali with the Liars.

What exactly do we learn from these clips of the episode? We break all the info down here.

The Liars go to the Founder's day party. In a series of clips that you can watch here, the Liars, all dressed up in uncomfortable costumes, make their way to the Ravenswood Founder's Day party, which is held in a graveyard, because this is a Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, so it's going to be creepy! Apparently in Ravenswood, they use “gravestones as bar stools.” Eek!

A huge surprise. In that same promo, Ashley Benson promises a "huge, huge, huge surprise." We hope she's talking about something other than confirmation that Ali is alive, because at this point that basically seems like a given. In fact, we'd find it more surprising if she's dead!

They make it to the Founder's Day party. In this clip, we see that the Liars at least make it to the Founder's Day Party, which is where they think Ali will be. Of course, we all know that Liars, parties, and Halloween do not mix, so we're not sure if making it to the event is actually good news...

Ms. Grunwald is not happy about it. It should come as no surprise that Grunwald, who is also at the party — hey, it's the one hip and happenin' place in the town — grabs Emily and tells her the Liars needs to "leave, now." She's made it perfectly clear that she thinks our girls don't belong anywhere near Ravenswood.

They follow Red Coat into a tomb. At :45 in a series of clips that you can watch here, the Liars see Red Coat running in the graveyard. Graveyard hide-and-seek with their maybe not-so-dead BFF? Sure, sounds about right for Pretty Little Liars.

Ms. Grunwald has a message for the Liars. At 1:23 we see Grunwald talking to Aria, Spencer, and Emily, in what appears to be a different scene than her one above. "One of you has been touched by the one Ali fears the most," she tells them, cryptically. Clearly that's supposed to make us think of Ezra (who has touched Aria), but that's not the only option...

They Liars do try to leave. In the sneak peek below, we learn that the Liars are seeking out Spencer's car. Do they decide to give up on finding Ali? Why? Does Grunwald's warning scare them?

But it ain't so easy. Whatever reason the Liars have for trying to skip town, it looks like actually accomplishing that goal won't be so easy, what with passageways mysteriously closing behind them like in this sneak peek. Creepy.

Hanna gets separated. In the clip below we see Hanna, alone, running around a dark passage in what appears to be an old house. Why is she separated from the other Liars? Where is she? We're already scared.

Her creepy follower. To make matters worse, that clip ends with a creepy, black-gloved person wearing a gas mask touching the piano Hanna had recently stood near. Is she being stalked? Has she stumbled on "A"'s lair? So many questions! So much worry!

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Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, followed by the series premiere of Ravenswood.

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