Pretty Little Liars Halloween Promo Breakdown: What Is Ezra Up To?
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Pretty Little Liars Halloween Promo Breakdown: What Is Ezra Up To?

At the end of Pretty Little LiarsSeason 4 summer finale our Liars had just found out Ali may actually be alive after all. Now, the search to find their former frenemy is on!

When Pretty Little Liars returns in October for its Halloween episode ("Grave New World"), the Liars are searching for Ali — or clues that she's alive — in Ravenswood. But “A” is also on the hunt for Ali. Can the Liars find her in time? Check out Wetpaint Entertainment’s in-depth analysis of the Halloween promo below.

It’s a pretty little search party! Now that the Liars have reason to believe Ali is alive, the search is on to find their former frenemy. But they don’t have much time — “A” is on the hunt for Ali too!

“I don’t know if I’m ready to see Alison.” Poor Emily. It looks like not every Liar is ready to see Ali alive and breathing again. Emily was in love with Alison, so it’s only normal that she’d be feeling anxious over the thought of seeing her. But Spencer, being the Hastings that she is, quickly reminds the Liars, “We have to get to Ali before “A” does.” This doesn’t sound good.

The person in the gas mask is back! At the end of the Season 4 summer finale, a person in a gas-mask suit appeared. Is this supposed to be Ezra? Or is that Ali in disguise? Or is this enigmatic figure actually Uber “A”? It looks like the Liars will come face-to-face with this mystery in Ravenswood.

Did “A” take Ali? At the end of the promo, the Liars are somewhere in creepy cellars of Ravenswood, and they’re obviously upset. “Why would she just leave like that?” asks Emily. “She wouldn't,” says Spencer, and then the camera pans to a grisly scenes. Someone wrote “Help me” in red (is that lipstick or… blood?). Does that mean “A” took Ali? We know “A” is a master at the sleight of hand — remember when “A” took Emily?

Ezra is in Ravenswood. We know Ezra shows up in Ravenswood — he looked pretty upset when he walked into the Lair — but what is he doing with the Liars? Also, do we think that blue shirt was under his black jacket? Or did Ezra have some time to change in his Lair? Regardless, we know that he’s with the Liars in Ravenswood, so there’s going to be more to the story. But we don’t like that ominous look he gives at 0:23. Yikes! Watch out, Aria!

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Catch the Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Halloween special on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.

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