7 Scary Halloween TV Episodes That Had Us Watching Through Our Fingers
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7 Scary Halloween TV Episodes That Had Us Watching Through Our Fingers


With Halloween creeping up on us this month, we can expect some frightfully-good TV… and a few appropriately-themed TV episodes! Here are some of our favorite TV shows’ scarier installments that fell around October 31. (Spoiler alert: AHS is a heavy-hitter on this list, for obvious reasons!)

American Horror Story: “Halloween”

The FX anthology’s first Halloween episode was a two-parter from Season 1 (Murder House) — which featured a killer BDSM suit, a Frankensteined baby, a resurrected mistress, a school shooting, and a death by fire-iron sodomy.


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The Vampire Diaries: “Haunted”

An otherwise innocuous high school Halloween party turned deadly in this Season 1 episode after Jeremy’s girlfriend Vicki revealed herself to be a vampire and started sucking his blood. She even fed a bit off his sister, Elena, before Stefan made Vicki the first vamp to be staked on the show.

American Horror Story: “Nor’easter”

A storm provides the perfect cover for all sorts of horrors in the second season’s Asylum, the craziest of which may have been Dr. Arden’s failed rape and subsequent double amputation of Shelley.


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Dawson’s Creek: “Four Scary Stories”

In a Halloweeny departure from their usual hormonal hookups and heartbreak, the Capeside gang got together to swap ghost stories in this Season 5 episode — though it’s Grams who tells the scariest tale of all.

American Horror Story: “Fearful Pranks Ensue”

This Coven battle between Salem witches and voodoo witches and between voodoo witches and racists claimed many casualties — via zombie hordes, sliced tongues, slit necks, and acid attacks.


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Pretty Little Liars: “Ghost Train”

Not even special guest star Adam Lambert could keep the peace on this Season 3 episode’s titular locomotive. “A” murders Garrett while Spencer and Aria are nearly thrown from the train, the latter of whom even gets trapped in a crate with Garrett's body. But the real horror of this installment is our revelation that Alison was buried alive… and may still be alive.

American Horror Story: “Edward Mordrake”

This Freak Show two-parter introduced the nightmarish character of Edward Mordrake, a Wes Bentley character based on the legend of an English nobleman driven crazy by the extra face on the back of his head. But even more horrific is that this is the AHS installment that killed Patti LaBelle!