Does Hank Baskett Jr. Look Just Like Kendra Wilkinson?
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Does Hank Baskett Jr. Look Just Like Kendra Wilkinson?

Kendra Wilkinson might be nearing her due date — she is set to deliver this month! — but that’s not holding her back from spending some quality time with her eldest son, Hank Jr. The expectant mother recently shared her adorable mother-son moment during her little man’s soccer game, and it may have just melted our hearts.

“Me and my soccer star,” the proud momma captioned the photo on Instagram. “He scored 7 goals today.” That many goals for a 4-year-old? Sounds like Kendra and her husband, former NFL wide receiver Henry “Hank” Baskett, have a mini-Pelé on their hands! We’re assuming dad’s athletic skills had something to do with his son’s stellar soccer skills.

Not only did we double-tap this sweet snapshot (it got over 27.2K likes at the time of this post), but we couldn’t help but notice just how much Hank Jr. and Kendra look like each other — it’s almost as if he is her mini-me! We can’t imagine how cute baby number two will be.

Speaking of the soon-to-be baby, Kendra has been very adamant about making sure her son still feels special even when his sister arrives. “He is still my baby. That’s the one thing we keep telling him, ‘No matter what, you’re still our baby.’ We’re going to always treat him that way and empower him,” she said to People back in April.

“I want to make sure he knows to always watch her because she’s special. I want to make him feel empowered and strong. I want to make him feel like he has a role.” And so far, this little guy has already taken on the role of “Super Protective Big Brother.”

“Every day is about his sister,” Kendra added. “Anything he learns — like not talking to strangers or crossing the street — he’s like, ‘I want to teach my baby sister, I want to make sure we protect her.”

Do you think Hank Jr. looks just like his mom? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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