Should Hanna Be With Caleb or Travis on Pretty Little Liars? Shay Mitchell Says…
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Should Hanna Be With Caleb or Travis on Pretty Little Liars? Shay Mitchell Says…

We know Hanna (Ashley Benson) is crying on the inside over her break up with Caleb, but on the outside, she is totally kissing Travis, the gas station hottie who helped get her mom off the hook for Wilden's murder in the first half of Season 4 of Pretty Little Liars. What does co-star Shay Mitchell (Emily) think of the latest development in Hanna’s love life? The Pretty Little Liar took to Twitter to reveal her choice for Hanna — Caleb or Travis?

“Hmmmm Caleb :)” Shay tweeted in response to a fan question asking her to choose the right guy for her on-screen bestie. Um, duh! Travis is a total sweetheart (and totally gorgeous), but Hanna is obviously still in love with Caleb — and Caleb still loves her, too, which is what makes this storyline so tragic. Also, we're still not sure Travis is as good as he seems.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like Haleb will work things out for at least a few more episodes, when Hanna makes the crossover trip to Ravenswood. In the meantime, Hanna seems pretty into exploring things with Travis, even if it is only to get her mind off Caleb. And, while this plan kind of makes us worry things will end in heartbreak for poor Travis, his pursuit of the Liar does make us a bit suspicious. Sure, there’s a lot of reasons to adore Hanna, but could Travis have ulterior motives for cozying up to the Liar — perhaps, of the “A” variety? This may be paranoia, but after Ezra, we’re not willing to take anything (or anyone) at cute-face value.

Do you think Hanna should keep things going with Travis, or do you think this will end in heartbreak? On a related note, can Travis be trusted? Sound off in the comments below!

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