Hanna in Ravenswood: Will The Other Liars Guest Star on The Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off?
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Hanna in Ravenswood: Will The Other Liars Guest Star on The Pretty Little Liars Spin-Off?

We’re over the moon that Hanna (Ashley Benson) will be appearing in Ravenswood again for its season finale but what about the other Liars in Rosewood? They’re friends with Caleb, too! Ravenswood boss Marlene King weighed in on the question of more Pretty Little Liars crossovers.

When asked by a Twitter follower if the other Liars (i.e. Spencer, Aria, and Emily) will get a chance to appear on Ravenswood, Marlene tweeted back, “I hope so.” We’re happy to hear that. Over the course of his PLL run, Caleb has been a friend to the Liars as well as Hanna’s rock and boyfriend. He has helped them try to hunt down “A” perhaps more than any other non-Liar. We’d like to see his friendships with the girls continue, and we’d like to imagine that they would be just as concerned about The Curse as Caleb has been about “A.”

Shortly after Ravenswood was announced, there was talk of Emily traveling to Ravenswood with Hanna, but this storyline has seemed to be scrapped or has it just been delayed? It doesn’t seem likely that an Emily crossover or any other Liar visit will happen in the five winter episodes of the season, as it seems they are hard at work on Episode 10 (with Ashley Benson as guest star) as we speak.

This lack of Liar interest might have something to do with the glacial passage of time in Ravenswood so far. In fictional time, only one week has passed in the first five episodes of Ravenswood. That doesn’t give a lot of time for the Liars to notice anything is amiss, nonetheless to start worrying about their pal, Caleb. Even if they should be!

Do you want to see some other Liar crossovers? Who do you most want to visit? Sound off in the comments below!

Catch the winter premiere of Ravenswood on January 7, 2014 at 9 p.m. ET following Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family.

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