Happy Birthday, Candice Accola! Here Are 27 Reasons We Love Our Vampire Barbie
Happy Birthday, Candice Accola! Here Are 27 Reasons We Love Our Vampire Barbie
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The Vampire Diaries

Happy Birthday, Candice Accola! Here Are 27 Reasons We Love Our Vampire Barbie


The best part about the past five seasons of The Vampire Diaries is the fact that we’ve gotten to know more about Candice Accola through her sassy portrayal of Barbie vamp Caroline Forbes. The blonde bombshell often has us in stitches with her constant snark and know-it-all attitude on the show, but on this day — her 27th birthday — we celebrate everything we love about Candice:

1. That one time rocked out to “Eternal Flame” on The Vampire Diaries. It happened in Season 2, Episode 16 (“The House Guest”) just in case you want more context.

2. She and fiancé Joe King are pure perfection.

3. The fact that she starred in the music video for The Fray’s “Love Don’t Die” single.

4. Candice isn’t afraid to be a nerd and has professed her love for Star Trek.

5. She’s one-half of our favorite (sadly) non-canon relationship: Klaroline.

6. If we can’t have Klaroline, at least give us Forwood. That worked, right?

7. On second thought, screw Forwood. GIVE US STEROLINE.

8. Even when terrible things happen — like getting arrested — she can’t help but smile.

9. Caroline knows how to throw a good party. Remember all of those Decade Dances?

10. She used to be a background singer for Miley Cyrus!

11. Homegirl can hang ten with the best of ‘em.

12. Candice released her first (and, so far, only) album in 2006. She wrote 13 of the 14 songs on It’s Always the Innocent Ones — that’s a lot of cred in our book!

13. She’s not afraid to blaze her own path. Both of her parents are Republicans but Candice is a proud supporter of President Obama.

14. She’s had some amazing guest roles on shows like How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Greek, and Drop Dead Diva.

15. Her first boyfriend was Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin. Hubba hubba, right?

16. Candice quickly learned that dating co-stars wasn’t the best idea after being linked to both Steven R. McQueen and Zach Roerig.

17. She (along with her co-stars) support the “It Gets Better” campaign.

18. Even though it means she probably won’t be headed over to The Originals anytime soon, Julie Plec has said that Caroline is a “crucial element on The Vampire Diaries.”

19. If she can’t be in the fictionalized New Orleans, at least she’s getting married in NOLA!

20. She used to be a personal assistant for Dave Navarro. Weird, right?

21. Snow day? Fun day.

22. It looks like she’s going to fit in effortlessly with Joe King’s family. Best. Stopmom. EVER.

23. HER HAIR — and the drastic transformation she’s had over the last five years.

24. It’s impossible to choose between her and co-star Nina Dobrev. Both would be excellent besties!

25. Her parents sound pretty rad. Dad is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon (hello, Cristina Yang) and Mom used to be an environmental engineer.

26. She shares her birthday with some pretty cool people, Bea Arthur and Lena Dunham to name a few.

27. We’ve already said it before, but her snark is too good to ignore. Take this priceless gem from Season 2, Episode 3 (“Bad Moon Rising”): "So, I don’t get to choose the ring I have to wear the rest of my life?" Priorities, Care Bear.

Did we leave out your favorite aspect of Candice? Hit the comments and wish her a very happy birthday!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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