Happy Birthday, Gregg Sulkin! 5 Reasons Wesley Fitzgerald Should Return to Pretty Little Liars
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Happy Birthday, Gregg Sulkin! 5 Reasons Wesley Fitzgerald Should Return to Pretty Little Liars

We miss Pretty Little Liars' other Fitz, Wesley Fitzgerald (Gregg Sulkin), the prep school dropout trying to free himself from the clutches of his controlling mother. In honor of Gregg’s 21st birthday, we thought we’d put together a little list of reasons we think the younger Fitz should return to Rosewood. Happy birthday, Gregg!

He Tells The Truth

Maybe he just hasn’t caught onto the ways of Rosewood yet, but Wes has the bad habit of letting spill the truth, and we love it! Who told Aria about Ezra getting Maggie pregnant way back when? Wesley! Who theorizes that Mama Fitzgerald has been paying Maggie off to keep quiet about Malcolm? Wesley! He’s like a one-man truth-telling machine when it comes to the Fitzgerald clan. Okay, so he’s less forthcoming about his own private school woes, but he even gives up those secrets to Aria relatively easily. It’s like he’s never even seen this show.

He Hits People in the Head With Pizza Boxes

You gotta love a guy whose weapon of choice is a pizza box. In Season 3, Episode 18: “Dead to Me,” Wes and Aria run into Wes’ physics teacher’s husband, and he is none too pleased to see the younger Fitzgerald (who kissed said physics teacher in an attempt to get thrown out of school). The angry man threatens to bounce Wes’ head off of the sidewalk, so Wes does what he must: sacrificing their leftovers in the name of self-defense. Very Ninja Turtle.

He’s a Prep-School Rebel

Who doesn’t love a prep-school runaway? The physics teacher kiss was one in a string of incidents Wesley implemented in his strategy to get thrown out of prep school. Why? Because he has dreams, just like Ezra, and doesn’t want his mother’s interference to crush those dreams. Aria awesomely calls him on this being the stupidest strategy ever, but you have to appreciate Wes’ dedication to his cause...and his very specific brand of prep rebel charm.

He Notices When Aria’s Upset

We love Ezra, but the guy has been dating Aria basically since day one and still hasn’t figured out the extent of the “A” situation. We can chalk some of this up to Aria’s excellent acting skills, but that doesn’t explain Wes’ ability to see right through Aria. It’s like his super power. When she’s dealing with the Maggie situation, Wes notices how upset it is making her. He even offers to take the fall, telling Ezra that he was the one who went to visit Maggie and noticed her seven-year-old Ezra look-a-like. This isn’t Aria’s first time at the schemers rodeo, and she quickly dismisses this idea as Wesley is not an Aria look-a-like, but we appreciated the thought. With the Liars’ distracted with “A”’s usual shenanigans and Ezra distracted with the perils of unemployment, Wesley seems to be the only one who sees Aria in this moment.

He Has Unfinished Wesria Business

Speaking of Aria and Wesley’s unique connection, there is still so much to resolve in the Wesria storyline. Last time these two saw one another, they shared a somewhat awkward kiss. Wes vamoosed the next morning before they could really talk about it. These two definitely have a connection and, if Ezra wasn’t in the equation, we could definitely see it developing into something more. The entire business is complicated, but they doesn’t mean we don’t want to see this friendship awkwardly progress. Now that Ezra and Aria are on the outs, it could be the perfect time for Wesley to come back to town.

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Pretty Little Liars Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.