Happy Birthday, Matt Davis! Here Are 3 Reasons We Need Alaric Back on The Vampire Diaries
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The Vampire Diaries

Happy Birthday, Matt Davis! Here Are 3 Reasons We Need Alaric Back on The Vampire Diaries

It’s Vampire Diaries alum Matt Davis’ birthday, and we can’t help but think about how much we wish TVD would celebrate by bringing his on-screen counterpart, history teacher/vampire hunter Alaric Saltzman, back onto the screen. Here are three reasons why we need Alaric back on TVD!

The more mature tone. We’ve been totally digging The Originalsfirst season, and we think one of those reasons is because it has a more mature tone. We’re not saying we want TVD to be its spin-0ff — definitely not — but we miss the older vibe characters like Alaric brought to the show. He also brought a hugely different character dynamic for most of the characters, as a parental figure to arguably everyone but Damon and Stefan. With Alaric gone, most of these character relationships operate on the peer-to-peer level, and we think the show is somewhat flattened by it.

We may never get another chance. With the Other Side collapsing, this could be the last chance we have to both see Alaric, and get him back on this side of the veil ever. We don’t want to waste the opportunity because we’re busy dilly-dallying with the Travelers. Sure, the Other Side/Mystic Falls might be going to hell, but you know who might have been a helpful ally in all of this? Alaric! He’s a total supernatural history buff. If he’d have been around, maybe we could have skipped all of those episodes in which the Traveler identity and plan were slowly revealed. Don’t you want to get those episodes back? He also might have been able to talk some sense into Damon a few episodes sooner.

He could teach at Whitmore. OK, we’ve been working on this theory for awhile. TVD has taken the “let’s pretend they don’t even go to college” route in attempting to make the jump from high school drama to college drama, and we don’t think it’s working. We hope that in Season 6, they try embracing their new setting, Whitmore College, just a little bit more — and Alaric is the perfect character to help this happen. As a supernatural history guru, we’d like to see him take a post at Whitmore College and act as one of the viewers’ gateways into that world. You just know at least one of those other professors has to be some kind of evil supernatural megalomaniac set on taking over the world in Season 6. Right, show?

Do you want to see Alaric back on TVD? Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below!

The Vampire Diaries airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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