Is Harry Connick, Jr. Too Hard on the American Idol 2014 Hopefuls?
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Is Harry Connick, Jr. Too Hard on the American Idol 2014 Hopefuls?

Oh, Harry Connick, Jr. how we love you. Let us count the ways. It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, after all. But even with your smile, your humor, and your talent, we do have one complaint. Might our fave American Idol judge be getting just a wee bit too harsh when speaking to these highly impressionable singers?

The New Orleans crooner hit the ground running for his first season on the panel proper, and has breathed new life into this long-running show. With his fast quips and high standards, he seems to have earned the respect of viewers and critics alike. There are times, however, we think he could soften just a bit. For example, did anyone else cringe when he told the singers not to complain about being sick? While we wholeheartedly agree with the message, we were uncomfortable hearing him school these hopefuls on what’s appropriate.

Is Harry Connick, Jr. Too Hard on the American Idol 2014 Hopefuls?
Credit: Matthias Vriens-McGrath/FOX © 2013 FOX Broadcasting Co.    

He doesn’t sugarcoat his critiques either. Sometimes Harry cuts to the chase with the contestants, and we can see the hurt in their eyes. He’s no Simon Cowell, but he’s definitely no powder puff, either.

In the end, though, we think it works, as Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban seem to cushion some of Harry’s harder-hitting blows.

In fact, the chemistry between the judges has reached near perfection, if you ask us. Jennifer is so sweet and we love how she shed a tear numerous times with the singers on the Green Mile. Keith gives helpful feedback couched in his sweet Aussie accent, and the guy’s straight up dreamy. And then there’s crazy Harry. He’s a straight shooter with the singers, but then he’ll break into a gallop or shake his moneymaker in front of everyone.

We truly think this is one of the most promising seasons of American Idol and Harry has a lot (if not everything!) to do with that. That’s why we were shocked to find out that 21st Century Fox President Chase Carey recently said the show is “winding down.”

What do you think? Is Harry too harsh? Should the show go on for another season? Sound off in the comments!