Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. on “Generous” Cory Monteith, “Beautiful” Tribute Episode — Exclusive
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Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. on “Generous” Cory Monteith, “Beautiful” Tribute Episode — Exclusive

When Glee returns for Season 5 this fall, there will be one enormous gap in the show and our collective heart: Cory Monteith. Finn Hudson’s portrayer died tragically in July, and as the cast, crew, and his family and friends mourn him, Glee is also paying tribute to Cory with a special episode.

Though details are still mostly under wraps, the cast is hard at work on Episode 3, which will be a celebration of both Cory and Finn’s lives. When Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with star Harry Shum Jr. at the SEGA Go Dance game launch on September 4, he was kind enough to share a few details about the “very beautiful” episode, including the sensitive subject matter (“it’s rough and a hard time for everyone”) and his favorite memories of the “inviting and generous” actor.

Read on for our chat with Harry, then share some of your favorite Cory memories below.

Wetpaint Entertainment: I know the cast is working on both the Beatles episodes and Cory’s tribute. Will you be in all of them, or just the latter?

Harry Shum Jr.: Not the Beatles episodes, but I will be in the third episode.

Have you started filming that yet?

Yeah, we have. We started filming two weeks ago and I mean, like you can imagine, it’s rough and a hard time for everyone to film that because it’s kind of like recreating what we felt months ago, but it’s also extending it as well. But, you know, the writers put together a wonderful script and I think it’s going to be a very beautiful episode.

Glee’s Harry Shum Jr. on “Generous” Cory Monteith, “Beautiful” Tribute Episode — Exclusive
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Will there be any new songs or dances in the episode, or is it just focused on the tribute and celebration of his life?

No, I think it’s more just paying tribute. Yeah, a celebration. I don’t think there’s really room for dancing, per se, but I think it’s everyone voicing their feelings and all that. It’s going to be beautiful.

Did you have any favorite memories, either with Cory or through the show, that you think should be emphasized in this episode?

I think, in general, just Cory, what he meant to me, was I was the new kid coming in the first season and he was literally the first to tweet about me coming on and just being very gracious and also inviting. That’s what he always did with everyone that came in, not even as a cast, but as a crew member and stuff like that. He was that guy who was always inviting and generous in what he did. So I want people to remember that, and I think people knew that. He was like that, not just on-screen, but also in private life.

Gleeks, what are your favorite memories of Cory on Glee? Share your own tributes and celebrations of his life below.

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