Harry Styles Confirms He’s Dating Kendall Jenner!
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Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles Confirms He’s Dating Kendall Jenner!

Everyone else in the room can see that Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner appear to be dating. And now Harry himself is confirming that they're a thing.

The One Direction hottie appeared on Piers Morgan's talk show on November 23 and was asked about his recent dinner date with K-Jen.

Harry at first was only in the mood to deny their romance. When Piers first asked Harry whether he was dating Kendall, Harry said, "No."

However, Harry then paused a moment and said, "I guess." There you have it! A reluctant confirmation is still a confirmation.

Harry continued to seem hesitant about saying too much about where they stand as a couple. "We went out to dinner," Harry added. "I don’t know. I don’t know." It sounds like poor Harry was not liking this conversation!

Harry Styles Confirms He’s Dating Kendall Jenner!
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To refresh your memory, Kendall and Harry were spotted leaving a restaurant together in West Hollywood on November 20. The next day, an onlooker says that Harry returned to the very same restaurant without Kendall, but that he was texting her the entire time he was there.

"I saw him firsthand texting her," says the eyewitness. "I got close enough to his booth, and he was texting Kendall. Her pic was on his phone, and when he was texting and typing into the phone, her name was at the top of the message bar." Sounds like they're dating to us!

So are you excited that Harry and Kendall are dating? Or do you think this won't last?

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