Harry Styles’s Cousin Says Kendall Jenner More Likely To Dump Harry
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Kendall Jenner

Harry Styles’s Cousin Says Kendall Jenner More Likely To Dump Harry

Harry Styles has a reputation as kind of a serial heartbreaker, but apparently popular opinion couldn’t be further from the truth! The cute One Direction star is supposedly always the dumpee, never the dumper!

There’s no sign yet that the “Kiss You” singer’s casual relationship with model and reality star Kendall Jenner is headed for the rocks, but if past is prologue, it would most likely be Kendall who pulls the plug, if and when it comes down to that. At least that’s how Harry’s cousin Ben tells it.

“It’s Harry who keeps getting dumped,” Ben tells British tabloid The Sun (via Hollywood Life). “He’s got the biggest heart so the guy wouldn’t have the guts to dump a girl. He’s too nice!” Well, that just solidifies our mega-crush on the well-coiffed singer, who just celebrated his 20th birthday (reportedly with Kendall).

But this is kind of earth-shattering news, because we’d always thought it was Harry who called things off with former flame Taylor Swift, thus earning himself a page in Taylor’s revenge songbook. Does this mean Taylor dumped Harry and not the other way around? Cousin Ben’s playing coy on that one. “I’m not saying!”

Who do you think is more likely to dump whom — Harry or Kendall? Or do you think they’ll prove us all wrong and become the romance of the century?

Source: The Sun (via Hollywood Life)