How Many Times Has The Voice Coach Shakira Been Married?
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How Many Times Has The Voice Coach Shakira Been Married?

During a recent episode of The Voice, coach Shakira tried to appeal to lovebirds Dawn & Hawkes based on the fact that, like them, she is in love. With whom? That’d be her baby daddy, soccer pro Gerard Pique. However, though Shak is definitely in a committed relationship, she is not married to the Barcelona FC centerback. In fact, she’s never been married!

Seems that bit of celeb trivia was challenging for Viggle LIVE! users who played along during Monday night’s episode. Almost 50 percent thought Shak had walked down the aisle at least once, while 14 percent thought she’d been married twice. Only 36 percent knew that Shak definitely likes it but doesn’t necessarily feel the need to put a ring on it.

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We’re not sure of the Colombian singer’s views when it comes to holy matrimony, but she certainly doesn’t seem to be in any hurry. In an interview in June 2013, Shakira’s response didn’t rule out the possibility, but it sounds more like a “someday, maybe” thing than an “any day now” situation.

“It’s not the time, our world is centered on [our son] Milan now, we are not thinking of anything else,” she said.

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