The Manhattan Home in Which Heath Ledger Died Is Officially Haunted
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The Manhattan Home in Which Heath Ledger Died Is Officially Haunted


We've got a new kind of haunted house for you just in time for Halloween.

A new investigation claims the New York City home in which actor Heath Ledger died is still haunted almost ten years later.

The 10 Things I Hate About You Actor passed away in January of 2008 from cardiac arrest, a direct result of a lethal combination of drugs in his system.


He was only 28 at the time, and his death was ruled an accident.

Now, as we approach the ten-year anniversary of his passing, Radar Online has conducted an investigation into the SoHo apartment in which he was found naked, face-down and unresponsive by a masseuse with whom he had scheduled an appointment.

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"I hear noises — strange noises at night that scare me," a neighborhood resident tells the site.

"I just say to myself that it's the wind or the street noise outside, but it's very scary to me."

Another passerby who used to live near the building even said she likens the sounds she hears from the apartment to The Joker, the character Heath played in The Dark Knight.


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 "I hear laughing, but it's not the joyful sort. I've seen the movie, and if I told you that one laughing didn't remind me of the way Heath sounds as The Joker I'd be lying, as crazy as that sounds."

Even when the father of one was alive the home was sort of creepy, though, as insiders said it was basically a "shrine" to The Joker, the maniacal clown character he had played in the Batman film shortly before his death.

Radar reports investigators found clown statues, recordings of Heath practicing his joker voice and even a note that read "bye bye" when searching the home after his death.

Some say Heath's method acting for the role contributed to his overdose, though those reports have not been confirmed.

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Still, Heath, who shared daughter Matilda with ex Michelle Williams, won a posthumous Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the critically-acclaimed film.


It's unknown if someone else currently resides in the haunted apartment — for which Heath paid $25K per month in rent! — but we sure hope not!

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