Heather Dubrow Defends Relationship With Terry: “You’re Only Seeing a Piece of It”
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Heather Dubrow Defends Relationship With Terry: “You’re Only Seeing a Piece of It”

Heather Dubrow’s marriage to Terry Dubrow has taken center stage on The Real Housewives of Orange County, with their recent arguments sparking murmurs of the “D” word.

The couple openly discussed some of their relationship problems in Season 8, Episode 7 (much to Heather’s dismay) and ruffled some feathers with the other Housewives. But the following episode showed the two having a more united front, with Terry taking the reigns of the household while Heather filmed a guest role for Hot in Cleveland.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, host Andy Cohen read Heather Dubrow a fan question asking why she’s so hard on her husband.

“He is an amazing husband and we have a great relationship,” Heather responded. “You’re only seeing a piece of it, a portion of our life. If you saw us every week running through a field and picking daisies and, you know, eating fruit and tapping our perfectly coiffed children on the heads as we walked out out of the house, you'd be like, ‘That’s a crock, what else is going on?’”

She added viewers have a “BS meter” when watching reality show these days, and she’s well aware being on a show like Real Housewives of Orange County opens her life to the public, warts and all. But as for whether Heather thinks she’s too hard on Terry?

“I think when I know everything that’s happened, no,” she said.

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