Heather Dubrow: Gretchen Rossi Was “Rude” By Reading My Text to Slade
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Heather Dubrow: Gretchen Rossi Was “Rude” By Reading My Text to Slade

On this week's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County, Gretchen Rossi read a tweet to Slade Smiley that Heather Dubrow sent her regarding their Malibu Country argument. As you might have guessed, Heather isn't too appreciative of Gretchen for doing that.

"I was pretty disappointed to see Gretchen read my text message to Slade with that rude 'sing songy' voice," Heather writes in her Bravo blog. "It was interesting to me that she neglected to mention that I was answering HER question in that text. Gretchen had asked if I believed the Malibu County producers were intentionally pitting us against each other."

"My answer was 'No, these are two separate roles from different areas of the production," Heather explains. "'I was called by the exec producers, and you were called by casting for a different type of role.' I was trying to explain there was no conspiracy here. When you take it out of context, it certainly looks different. So if that was her intention, it worked."

Heather Dubrow: Gretchen Rossi Was “Rude” By Reading My Text to Slade
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"I'm sorry Gretchen thinks I feel in any way competitive with her," Heather writes. "This is hardly the case. I've always been very supportive of her and her many endeavors. I just didn't like how she used a role that was written off the show as a manipulative tool against Tamra. Period. Gretchen can keep deflecting this into something else, but that's the truth."

Heather also didn't like that Bravo's Twitter feed posted an admonishing tweet about how Heather should have known that Gretchen would make the text public.

"Really ???" Heather tweeted. "@Bravotv, I was answering her question. Read my blog. That's infuriating. Get your facts straight. I don't lie."

"I have nothing to hide," Heather additionally tweeted at Bravo.

Who knew that a short-lived ABC sitcom could cause so much tension?

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