Heather Dubrow on Her New House and Seeing Her Marriage on TV — Exclusive
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Heather Dubrow on Her New House and Seeing Her Marriage on TV — Exclusive

Though their marriage a some rough patches in Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, recently Heather Dubrow and husband Terry have been nothing but loving and supportive in the most recent episodes. The trend continued when Wetpaint Entertainment spoke to the couple at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey “Built to Amaze” show at the Staples Center on July 11.

Wetpaint Entertainment: We hear you sold your house. Where are you moving and are the kids excited about it?

Heather Dubrow: The kids are excited! We are building a new house, we bought a lot, not in the same community but nearby. We’re really excited about it I actually think I like this house better than our last house. It’s a really exciting project. Terry and I love building together; we did the last one from the ground up and this one as well. We’re in a rental right now which is challenging! It’s kind of an adventure in and of itself! The kids are excited but they’re asking for crazy things like can I have a pool in my room? No! Can we have a pole that goes down to the first floor? No! But they are enjoying talking about it.

How was filming the trip to Whistler?

I was actually only in Whistler for several hours because I was shooting an episode of Malibu Country so I had to come home. I was there for a little bit, there was a lot of craziness! I have to say after watching the footage I’m not sad that I had to go because I’m glad that I wasn’t around for all of that. But what a gorgeous place, I think we’re going to try to plan a trip back there.

How have you and Terry adjusted to being on camera all the time?

Well Terry has done so many reality shows being a plastic surgeon, Swan and Bridalplasty, and he’s very comfortable in this genre. It was much more difficult for me coming from the scripted world. But I think this year, much more than last year, I’m definitely more comfortable, maybe too comfortable!

What have you two learned about one another after having seen your relationship play out on camera?

Terry: I say some stupid things and I repeat them a lot and I’m not as funny as I think I am.

Heather: And I’ve learned that he now realizes that he says stupid things and repeats them a lot.

What Housewife would you say you are closest with?

Tamra! I’m definitely closest with Tamra although I have to say I really have a good relationship with all of the ladies. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our problems and our issues but I feel like I have good relationships with everyone. And Tamra just got married!

That leads into my next question, how was her wedding?

Heather: Look I just got chills! It was amazing, she was a gorgeous bride, you have to watch Tamra’s OC Wedding!

Terry: Heather sang during the wedding, it was beautiful!

Heather: Tamra asked me to sing at the wedding so you know how people get up and do readings? I sang. It was very special. But her whole ceremony there were so many beautiful touches with her children, it was amazing. Wait until you see it, you’re going to love it.

Any more acting roles for you coming up I the near future?

Yes, definitely. Of course my family is my priority. I do have four young children but Colette is now two-and-a-half and she’s starting a few days of preschool in the fall. So it will be a better time for me to be working.