Heather Dubrow: “Still Hurt” By Terry’s Comments About Our Marriage
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Heather Dubrow: “Still Hurt” By Terry’s Comments About Our Marriage

Heather Dubrow says she was taken aback on this week's Real Housewives of Orange County when her husband Terry told the group about their divorce discussion.

"I'm not someone who usually talks about my relationship in front of a group of people," Heather explains in her Bravo blog. "I was surprised Terry brought it up at the table. You may think I'm still overreacting, but the fight that continued off-camera after our dinner at ZOV'S was very intense and hurtful."

"It brought back all of the emotions from our earlier fight that the audience didn't see," Heather says.

Heather wishes Terry hadn't been trying to hurt her during their disagreement.

"I also don't cross the line when I fight," she adds. "I think it's dangerous to do that in a relationship."

"I'm not trying to punish Terry," she clarifies. "I already forgave him. I just want him to be supportive of me, and I'm also trying to find a place to put my emotions from the fight."

Heather was happy that Terry then pulled her outside during the wine tasting in Malibu, even though they weren't able to resolve things at that moment.

"I was really glad that Terry pulled me aside to make sure I was OK," she writes. "Clearly, we love each other, but it's not going to be resolved in one day, and I want to enjoy my stint on Hot in Cleveland. Sometimes, it's OK to walk away from an argument."

Following this incident — which happened seven months ago — Heather says "our marriage is stronger because of this," as it reminded them of the importance of communication.

Phew! We're glad Heather and Terry are in a much better place these days. Hopefully, the only d-word they'll use in the future will be "delighted." Or "donuts."

Source: Heather's Bravo blog