Heather Dubrow: It Was “Absolutely Uncool” to Get Ditched in Mexico
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Heather Dubrow: It Was “Absolutely Uncool” to Get Ditched in Mexico

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow was not pleased that she and Gretchen Rossi got ditched in the limo in Mexico on this week's episode.

"I was shocked that the girls ditched Gretchen and me the moment we went to the bathroom," Heather writes in her Bravo blog. "So absolutely uncool. I would never do that to someone."

"Also, I never received a text or voicemail from any of them, and I was desperately trying to reach them," she continues.

Plus, Heather and Gretchen were in a tough situation because the limo was the other ladies' ride home, so they felt like they couldn't leave without them.

"We couldn't leave them without a ride home," Heather says. "I would be too worried how they were getting home. So, yes, even though Tamra, Vicki, and Lydia left me in the lurch, I was still thinking about them!"

"Gretchen and I had to take a taxi home also not safe in my opinion," she points out.

Heather says she chose a fancy, more sedate restaurant for the bachelorette party because she was trying to accommodate Tamra Barney's wishes.

"I would have been happy to go out and do whatever Tamra wanted after dinner, but Tamra had told me that she wanted an earlier night the first night," Heather writes. "However, the dinner was less awkward than it looked."

And Heather did not enjoy watching Lauri Peterson reveal all of those secrets about Vicki Gunvalson to Gretchen.

"This scene with Gretchen and Lauri was very distasteful to me," she adds. "What is the point of Lauri telling all of these things to Gretchen about Vicki? I found it so base and so hurtful." Us, too, Heather!

Source: Heather's Bravo blog