Heather Morris Baby Shower: Why No Lea Michele and Dianna Agron?
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Heather Morris Baby Shower: Why No Lea Michele and Dianna Agron?

Pregnant Glee actress Heather Morris (Brittany) celebrated the impending arrival of her first child with an adorable weekend baby shower, but not all of her co-stars made it to the party. Onscreen love interest Naya Rivera (Santana) definitely made it, as did Vanessa Lengies (Sugar). But honestly, we’re not sure if any of the other Glee actresses showed up.

In our minds, everyone in the land of Glee is best friends. They all hang out in their free time, sip on rainbow-colored slushies, and sing cheerful Beyonce covers together. Alas, we must eventually come to accept that it isn’t exactly like that in real life.

We know for sure that Lea Michele (Rachel) did not attend Heather’s baby shower. She was off on vacation in Cabo at the time prancing around in a little bikini and celebrating the birthday of a jewelry designer pal.

Heather Morris Baby Shower: Why No Lea Michele and Dianna Agron?
Credit: Ash Lendzion on Instagram    

When we noticed a blonde head in one of the photos from Heather’s shower, we wondered if Heather might have invited the other member of the Cheerios’ Holy Trinity, Dianna Agron (Quinn), to her shower. However, we’re fairly certain that Dianna was out of the country that day, too.

Two days after the party, Di tweeted, “When I come home & @barackobama greets me...it feels really good. #backinthestates” Unless she waited two days to tweet that photo, we’re guessing that she, too, missed the shower.

Amber Riley (Mercedes) doesn’t appear to have made it, either. “The beauty of antibiotics,” she tweeted early in the morning on July 6. “Sad I am missing the 365Black performance tomorrow in NO but my body really needed that rest. Goodnight y'all”

It’s harder to tell with Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina). She didn’t tweet on July 6, and her head isn’t visible in photos, so it’s hard to know whether or not she was there. From the photos and tweets, it’s clear that Heather’s baby shower was attended by tons of her friends and family. We just don’t think that really included too many Glee stars.

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