Heather Morris Reveals She\'s Having a Baby Boy
Heather Morris in LA on February 17, 2015
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Heather Morris Reveals She’s Having a Baby Boy


Former Glee star Heather Morris announced that she was pregnant with her second child back in August, and now we finally know the gender of her next little bundle of joy.

In a recent interview with E! News, the actress revealed she's having a baby boy!

This will be the second son for Heather, 28, and her husband Taylor Hubbell. They currently have a two-year-old boy, Elijah, who is trying to wrap his head around the fact that there's going to be another kid in the house. 

Mom and babe in hats

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"He doesn’t really understand the concept,” the actress says of Elijah. “I think he just thinks I’m getting a big tummy."

But she believes he'll end up being a great big brother. "He’s really cute around babies and baby dolls and I adore it," she reveals. "He’s really excited to have somebody to play with because he’s at that age where he’s active and wants to do stuff.”

Heather has also been showing off her growing baby bump recently, though some fast casual Mexican food may be partially responsible for her expanding belly. "Chipotle and a #babybump #howareyoutoday," she captions a photo where she displays her round tummy. 

Chipotle and a #babybump #howareyoutoday

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Congrats to Heather and Tyler on the new baby boy! We're sure Elijah is going to love the company.