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It’s official: Glee star Heather Morris (Brittany) has already received the best baby present she could ever get. Indeed, we’ll go out on a limb and say that no gift will ever top what the new mom just got from her close pal Ashley Lendzion.

Heather and longtime love, Taylor Hubbellwelcomed newborn son Elijah, their first child, on Saturday, September 28. To celebrate, Heather’s pal and former roommate Ash got a few of Heather and Taylor’s friends to record an amazing rap song — appropriately titled, “Welcome, Elijah” — in honor of the little tyke.

“Hey, hey, Elijah, welcome to the world,” Ashley sings, along with enough hilarious autotune to make T-Pain proud. “You are a big baby, big baby baby baby boy,” sings another friend. Seriously, we’re now wishing that someone had recorded a rap to celebrate our birth. Life just isn’t fair sometimes.

Heather and Ash have been friends for quite some time, and they’ve also been co-workers, as they appeared together in the recent hit film Spring Breakers. Come to think of it, if you were wishing Heather’s hilarious part in that film should have been a lot bigger, you’re not alone.

And while we’re bummed that Heather will likely miss all of Glee Season 5 as she cares for little Elijah, we know that she will be an amazing mom. So congrats to Heather and Taylor! And also, congrats to Ash on jump-starting your career in the rap game. We expect big things.

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