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Heidi Klum Spotted Kissing Seal — Are They Back Together? (VIDEO)

Heidi Klum and Seal shippers, there might be hope yet! When one of our favorite couples broke up back in 2012, we cried that love didn’t live there anymore but it’s time to dry those eyes. Heidi and Seal were spotted kissing!

The couple, who have three biological children together as well as Heidi’s daughter Leni from a previous relationship, have always seemed friendly despite their divorce. Reports of them locking lips upon meeting up are about as common as Tim Gunn wearing polka dots on Project Runway, so what makes this PDA alert different? It happened in front of their kids!

Our pals at Hollyscoop say the family dined at a Santa Monica restaurant on June 11 where Hollyscoop tells us Heidi and Seal “looked like newlyweds” with all their kissing and holding hands. The source adds the two are “together a lot now” with Seal even sleeping over on occasion. “No one would be surprised if they gave it another shot,” the insider adds.

How we hope this proves true! Heidi and Seal strike us as one of the more romantic celebrity couples out there. Heck, they renewed their vows every year on their anniversary!

What do you think? Are Heidi and Seal back together or just really friendly with one another?