Heidi Klum’s Sizzling Swimsuit Bod Covers Us Weekly (VIDEO)

Super model human perfect specimen Heidi Klum may be 40 (are you freaking kidding?!!?) and the mother of four (what now?) but you wouldn’t know it from looking at her insanely svelte, toned, perfect, jaw-dropping, jealousy-inducing physique. And rather than keeping her hot bod to herself, the America’s Got Talent judge is showing it off on the cover of Us Weekly’s Body Issue just to, you know, give the rest of us body issues.

The German-born beauty wears several styles for the shoot, including a monokini, some string bikinis, and a one-piece turned into a peekaboo-I-see-you style with scissors. During the shoot the hottest MILF on the planet tells the magazine she feels “very comfortable with the way I am right now.” Duh.

So how can we emulate Heidi’s hotness? Well, short of returning our genes to sender, the other option is to eat like the supermodel. Seal’s ex reveals she doesn’t eat many carbs and never eats bagels, instead opting for a smoothie for breakfast. Whoops. So does that mean no Egg McMuffins? That’s what we’ve been doing wrong!

Watch the video above to see Heidi looking fierce even when she's not on the cover of a national magazine. Girlfriend's at the airport and still rocking it.