Heidi Montag Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Overhaul
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Heidi Montag Opens Up About Plastic Surgery Overhaul

While the world once knew her for her contributions to backstabbing and friendship-killing on The Hills, if you look up Heidi Montag’s name today, two words are invariably associated with it: plastic surgery.

The former reality star, who famously underwent 10 plastic surgeries in a day (including rhinoplasty, a breast augmentation, and whatever the terrifyingly named “back scoop” is) opened up to the hosts of The View about why she felt the need for such a massive surgical overhaul.

“I really just went back in to get my nose reset and get a little bit larger of implants because I had been elbowed by a backup dancer in a music video that I was doing and then I went in and was talking to my doctor and he just kind of diagnosed me and was like, ‘You should get a chin reduction, and an eyebrow lift,’” reveals Heidi.

“I didn’t know what an eyebrow lift and a chin reduction was! So once he kind of told me everything that was wrong with me I felt really insecure, and he gave me a really great deal on it all. He didn’t tell me how extensive it was going to be, how severe, how painful, so I had no idea.”

The couple, who have admitted to blowing through nearly $10 million on their formerly lavish lifestyle, are now just hoping to start normal life together without cameras tracking their every move.

“That’s the goal now, is getting a real career. That’s why I needed to get my Political Science degree so people would at least take me a little serious,” says Heidi’s husband, and former Hills bad boy, Spencer Pratt.

“I think we just needed to reevaluate and reground our lives and our values, and be like what is the future we want for ourselves and I think our real values are our families and our relationships and each other and I think we just needed to step back and realize that,” adds Heidi.

Do you believe that Spencer and Heidi have really changed?

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