Credit: Getty Imagse Photo: Aly Michalka Surgery 2

No question — Aly Michalka is and always has been drop-dead gorg. But around 2007, that all-important 18th birthday year, Aly experienced a sudden...growth spurt, we’ll say. Right around the bosom area. In the marimba region. The watermelon patch, even. Um, did Aly Michalka get implants?

Now, we don’t know anything for sure, but speculation has been rampant, both at Wetpaint HQ and on the ever-knowing Internet. Check the picture: The side shot on left was taken at a 2007 premiere, whereas the right is from the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. Quite a difference, no?

Credit: Getty Images Photo: Aly Michalka Implants 1

Here’s one from the front. The left is from a TRL appearance in 2007, and the right was taken just a year later in 2008. Yowza!

What do you think, readers? Did our lovely-no-matter-what Hellcat get a flying assist from a certain plastic surgeon, perhaps?