Credit: Getty Images Photo: AJ Michalka at the People's Choice Awards

In a recent article featured on Mother Nature Network, Aly Michalka of Hellcats shared a little bit more than just her admirable green habits. Our favorite cheerlawyer dropped some juicy spoilers about upcoming episodes. Read on if you want to learn more about AJ Michalka's role in Memphis.

"There's some really cool storylines with Marti trying to find out who her dad is. She has no idea who he is or if he's alive. He was a musician and she finds a bunch of guitar picks from a certain music store, so she goes to the store and the girl who works at the shop, Deirdre, ends up giving her some information that's really helpful," Aly revealed.

So, we finally have a name for AJ's character, Deirdre, who will be featured on three episodes this season. Ah, we can't wait!

Source: Mother Nature Network