“Her Soul Is Ugly” Top 10 Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 5
Credit: Mathieu Young/The CW ©2011    
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America's Next Top Model

“Her Soul Is Ugly” Top 10 Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 5

The All-Stars are back, and they’re bringing more than just their stunning looks and signature walks to the game. The real challenge of the season? If these modelstants can get through an episode without saying something completely insane. (Personally, we’re doubtful.) Check out the funniest, weirdest, fiercest quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 5 “LaToya Jackson.”

1. Miss J. fondles a fishing rod: “Fishing is, of course, one of my favorite past-times.”
Uhm, of course!

2. Bruce Jenner watches Lisa sashay down the runway: “She’s nuts.”
The only accurate thing that’s ever come out of Bruce’s mouth.

3. Miss J. checks out Angelea: “She reminds me of somebody’s alcoholic aunt.”
Best compliment ever.

4. Lisa threatens Bianca: “She’s scared of water, I’m the deep end. She’s scared of dogs, I’m a pit bull.”
If you’re a self-described pit bull, maybe you should be on Top Model.

5. Lisa scares the kiddies: “Now that I’m here, I’m going to make it explosive. Hold on tight, kids!”
No seriously, hide yo’ kids.

“Her Soul Is Ugly” Top 10 Quotes from ANTM Cycle 17, Episode 5
Credit: Mathieu Young/The CW ©2011    

6. Alexandria get confused about the pecking order: “I didn’t sign myself up to play with some minnows in a little pond. I’m with the big dogs, let’s fight with some sharks.”
Yeah... pretty sure a shark would kill a dog.

7. Bianca sums up Shannon: “Her soul is ugly.”
Oh no, please don’t cry again, Shannon.

8. Angelea loves herself the Jacksons: “I love the whole Jackson family. LaToya, Rebbie, Janet, Germaine, Tito, the Mama, the Daddy, everybody.”
Marlon is so pissed right now.

9. Bianca complains to Miss J.: “I’m taking shit from the Christian. I’m taking shit from the crazy head.”
Read: Shannon and Lisa.

10. Tyra’s words of wisdom: “What we see is boop bermp, boop bermp” (Random robot noises).
Just one more reason to think this lady is a cyborg.

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